Lovelife Flex Kegel Weights by Bedroom Kandi

Lovelife Flex Kegel Weights

Save the sweat for the bedroom. Exercising your PC muscle with our Kegel weights gives you all the gain without the pain.

- 3 Kegel sets for graduated strength training
Sized to accommodate beginners and experts
Body-safe silicone, Phthalate free
1 year warranty

- Set of 3 Kegel weights

- Material: Body safe Silicone, Phthalate free

- Sizes: Beginner: 35g Intermediate: 45g Expert: 85g

- Diameter: Beginner: 1.4" Intermediate: 1.1" Expert: 1.1" 

Satin privacy pouch included

- 3 Kegel sets with various weights